Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Try This Sandal If You Are Looking for a Combo of Comfort and Style

Many woman prefer wearing platforms for one simple reason, platforms are very comfortable and extremely warm. This comfort provides women a cushion like walk. Even though platforms are high and have a heel as well, but these heels are very different from the ones we see on regular heels sandals. Platform has many avatars, such as the slide type, ankle straps or the t-straps. They all are very stylish and have various patterns, prints and colors. For the women who prefer looking tall but is not comfortable enough wearing high heels, here is the best thing for you, you can wear platforms with ease as it has a uniform heel and you don’t have to stress the back part of your legs, which usually get hurt in high heels. Platform heels usually come in 1 to 8 inches of sole height. Their designs vary from being basic to being contemporary, people feel like they have been injected confident after they wear it. There is still many women who does not like to wear platforms and believe high heels are a better choice than platforms. Indeed. I would like to introduce really cool footwear for woman who likes a little innovation. Try the 6″ Rhinestone Embedded Heel Sling Back Platform Slide , this sandal is a mix of 6 inch heels  on the back and platforms on the front. This sandal is well embellished with rhinestones on the heel, on the sling back and on the top covering which is transparent though.

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